🌞 Sun Day 20

🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

We made suns out of food.

🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

We talked about beautiful things that I can't remember.

Beautiful women sharing their strength with my daughter. I realized later that without this time together she wouldn't see many new people. I'm grateful for this shared third place that we have created with her and for her (and my son).

🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞


Using TinyPng for image compression as my screenshots were enormous.

This is a bummer/bug with the Gatsby CMS that I need to research as its requiring blog posts to be Featured Posts but only if I Publish without first adding a Featured Image. Odd.